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Have you already tired of your decorations ?Do you want to change all you decorations because them can't give you a sense of fresh.Now we have brought a special kind of necklace for you,including a pendant and a chain.To be different from others is also a way to show your personality,so this kind is likely to satisfy you.The pendant is 25mm in length,8mm in width and 3mm in thickness,while the length of the chain is about 520mm.The shape of the pendant is a cuboid and there are some patterns on the surface.The material of the chain and pendant are stainless steel,which will never be rust or color fading.So the necklace always keep shiny.Both the chain and the pendant are silvery,the natural color of stainless steel.Because of its unique luster,you must be the focus in the crowd if you wear it.To be an elegant and beautiful lady is the desire of each female.Now your dream can come ture,do you want to seize the opportunity?We are willing to help you become the most dazzling person.

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