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Crafted from high quality, tarnish and corrosion resistant solid stainless steel
Material: 316L Stainless Steel
Gem Type: Cubic Zirconia
Setting: Tension Mount
Width: 1.20 inches
Length: 2 inches
Clasp: Double-locking-fold-over

Sleek and contemporary in design, this Stainless Steel Cross Pendant Necklace is a sentimental accessory with a unique look. Using the strength of stainless steel, this pendants design was inspired by the sacrifice of Christ. The multi-layered pendant showcases a polished combination of silver and blue coloring that grants the pendant a bold look and emphasizes the shine of the piece. Placed at the center is a brilliant single cubic zirconia crystal solitaire to add a touch of personal style.
Pendant comes ready to wear with a stainless steel bead necklace.

Cubic zirconia crystals are jewel quality, optically flawless and as scratch-resistant as Sapphire. The colorless brilliance and crystalline symmetry attributes its resemblance to diamonds in appearance and absolutely perfect as a jewelry accessory.

Stainless Steel has increasingly grown as a popular metal choice for jewelry. Although it has a similar appearance to metal, Stainless Steel is much thicker and will not tarnish. Often made without nickel, this metal type is popular among those who may have metal allergies. Containing a more matte finish compared to silver and gold metals with stronger luster, Stainless Steel is a popular jewelry choice.

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