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Do you want some decorations to help you to show your glamour?In order to reach your requiements,we have a new kind of necklace for you.Are you concerned about the material of the necklace?It is made of 316L stainless steel,which will not be easy to fade or break down.No matter how many years have passed,the necklace still keeps new.Moreover,it can prevent your skin from allergy.It is the perimeter of 550mm and its width is 6mm.Look carefully at this new kind of necklace,do you think it looks like a snake?It is both flat and wide,which give you a sense of domineering.Wearing it,you become more dazzling wherever you are.The color is golden which shows noble and elegant.Adding to the high gloss of stainless steel,it is extraordinary bright,so you can wear it to attend any occasion,such as party and daily life.To make you be more attractive is our duty,we will provide the best service to make you satisfied.

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