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Would you like to wear something special which is not only single color?If you are looking for this kind for a long time,maybe we could help you.There is a special kind of necklace in our shop whose color is the combination of silver and gold.The design is very bright,because it is like a silver rope and a gold rope twist together,which also looks like a serratula.Its colors make you both domineering and noble,you will be the most dazzling person as long as you wear the necklace.Do you care more about the quality of it?In fact,it is in a good quality.Because it is made of stainless steel,which will never be broken or fade no matter how long you wear the necklace.The perimeter is about 540mm and its width is approximately 4mm.It is the most suitable size for you.Besides,the price of it is reasonable and it is cheaper than other shops.Do not hesitate any more.We are ready to serve you at any time.

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