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As is known to all,black is considered to be cold and deep color.However,if it is combined with black and silvery in the same decoration,do you think it amazing?Now,we have this special kind of nacklace for you,you will be pleasantly surprised by its design.There are two colors in the necklace,which both silvery and black.These colors make you so dazzling among the crowd.The material is stainless steel,which has passed the test about allergy-free,you can be at ease to use.It can also keep the shape from damage and prevent the necklace from fading.The perimeter of it is about 550mm,besides,it is 10mm in width and 9mm in thickness.The most attractive is its extraordinary shape.It looks it is made by many silvery oval rings whose central location is inlaid with many black objects like spring shape.Our store based on the wholesale level,so the price of all the decorations is not expensive to you.You can buy what you like without hesitation and your praise will make us work harder.

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