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Are you agreed that you can be more charming without too much fancy decoration and too many gorgeous colors?If so,we have brought a kind of necklace which is monotonous but not trivial.Look at its appearance carefully,its shape looks like a snake as if it is made by a lot of small flat boxes.They are interleaved together,so the necklace shows more attractive.The material is stainless steel,we all know that stainless steel can not only stay forever but also will never fade or damage.Moreover,it will not lead to getting allergy as it has passed the artificial test about allergy-free.The color is the natural color of stainless steel,because of high polished,the color send out extraordinary light in the sun.It is about 510mm in perimeter,4mm in width and 2mm in thickness.The suitable size fits everyone to wear it.If you would like to buy it,please communicate with us.We promise you will feel statisfied with our service.

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