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Particular Vogue Gold Letter T Shape & White Square Tungsten Bracelet Wholesale Jewelry JEEPJEWELRY Wholesale | SKU : JP26428 - Wholesale Price $12.58

It is well-known that wedding rings will be one of the most glamorous gifts for women. For this reason, gentlemen are supposed to prepare tungsten wedding rings for women to your dear future wifes in the wedding. You are responsible for giving her a memorable wedding. Also, this particular vogue tungsten bracelet is a wonderful gift for men. It looks cool. There are two colors making up this bracelet, including gold and white. Besides, there are two shapes forming the whole bracelet. As you can see, the white part of this bracelet is square and the gold part of this bracelet is letter T shape. But the size of square is a little bigger than letter T shape. Moreover, the length of this bracelet is 20 cm. Because of high polished surface, this bracelet looks gleaming with lustrous light so that it is easy to catch men’s eyes. With good material of tungsten, this bracelet can be worn for a long time without quality problem. Furthermore, the price of this bracelet is not very expensive. Actually, the price of tungsten rings is almost cheap in our shop.

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