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Unique hexagon dimensions mixed shape tungsten wedding/ engagement ring JEEPJEWELRY Wholesale | SKU : JP29454 - Wholesale Price $12.88

Specially designed tungsten rings are on hot sale at the moment! Look closely, it is easy to find out that this ring are uniquely captured and design. With continue shape of hexagon overlapped with each other, this ring comes into different shape of transversal surfaces in different angles. Therefore, when different angles of light come in, it can still shine with so many angles of surface. Then different shape would always change as the changing angles of light. With carefully polished on surface of the ring, it is show in define and elegant way; therefore, it is very popular among the young’s. Not only it is very fashion and beautiful, but also its lower price with such a good quality, hence, it is suitable for different ranges of peoples. No extra pattern is capture on the surface that has made this ring act in an elegant and purity way. Besides, with the way of purity it can show, it can also show the purity of your love to your partner. You can also buy it as your engagement rings, and then capture your names inside of the ring’s side to show your strong determination to your love. Now, we also sell tungsten rings as well as black tungsten rings. Join us, and you will find more!

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