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Are you fed up with the same jewelry for a long time?Do you want to change your decorations now?If so,we have a bracelet which is worth you owning.Besides,there is a necklace selling in our shop,which and the bracelet are in a set.The bracelet is made of stainless steel.For one thing,it can stay for long and you never worry about rust or color fading.For another thing,it has passed the anti-sensitivity test and never result in allergy.Its colors are so bright which are silvery and golden.Because of the combination of these two colors,you will be shiny among the crowd.The most attractive is its design,it seems that it is made by many oval rings whose central location is inlaid with many objects like spring shape.The perimeter is about 235mm,whereas it is 10mm in width and 9mm in thickness.Would you like to wear this dazzling bracelet?You have the right to dress yourself up.Wearing it,you will have a good mood all the time.

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