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Gold is regarded as power and status,while silver is considered as honor and eternal.Have you ever imagine the combination of these two colors?It will send out special charming.Here we have brought out a kind of bracelet whose colors are silvery and golden.It is made by some golden cylinders and several silvery screw buckles,you will be eye-catching among the crowd by wearing it.The material is stainless steel,its good quality insure that you will never worry about rust or damage.Adding to the high luster of stainless steel,the bracelet always be bright everywhere.It is about 230mm,which is 6mm in width and 6mm in thickness.The suitable size will fit all men to wear.You must be the leader of fashion because of owning the bracelet.Besides,you can buy more because the price is cheap.If you woould like to own them,you are able to buy them without any hesitation.We are looking forward to your coming all the time.

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