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Do you feel like challenging your jewelry style?To be an attractive woman is a dream of everyone.You do not need to worry because we have found something special to help your dream come true.We have a facy kind of bracelet in our shop,which will make you more charming.The design is not ordinary,it is made by four dazzling rectangular objects.Wearing it on your hand,you will become the most bright person in the crowd.The material is stainless steel,becausee it is not easy to rust or deformation,so a lot of people love this kind of material.In addition,it has passed the test that can prevent your skin from allergy.It also can keep its oringinal luster forever.Because of the high gloss of stainless steel,the silvery bracelet shows eye-catching.It is 210mm in perimeter,which is 29mm in width and 2mm in thickness.You can regulate its length according to your real situation.The bracelets are sold well nowadays,you can take action to buy it.Believe us,you will satisfy our service. 

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