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Do you think the dragon is a domineering bio?Whichever way you look, dragonscale will be shining.Can you imagine that you wear something dazzling on your hand like dragonscale.Here,we would like to introduce a special kind of bracelet for you,you will be amazed at its design.They are four black cylinders linking together by three buckles.Look carefully,there are some pattern on the surface of each cylinder,it is dragonscale.Wearing it in the sun,you must be the most attractive of all.The bracelet is made of stainless steel,you can be at ease to wear it because the material can stey forever.The perimeter is about 225mm,while the width is 11mm and 5mm in thickness.The suitable size makes you give out glamour and shows cool and domimeering.You can wear it to attend any accasions,such as party.Do you like to change your usual style?You should have a try.We get ready to serve you at any time,our service will absolutely make you satisfied.

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