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May 10 2014


January 10 2013

Have you seen a ring with a skeleton head on the surface? Do you want a ring to present your power? We get it! Our shop has brought out a new kind of ring. It is stainless steel in material. There is a skeleton head on the surface, very lifelike and daunting. The eyes of the skeleton head are two red diamonds. It may be the symbol of power. The unique design style and the shining diamond will make you can stand out in the crowd. Its inside track is the nature color of stainless steel too, feels very smooth and bright, which will let you fondle admiringly. The color is nature color of stainless steel. The face width is 29 mm and the band width is 5.5 mm. You can tell us the size you want and we will do our best to make you satisfied. Believe us, your praise is our goal! 
316L stainless steel Gothic skull ring
face width:29mm
band width:5.5mm
size#8 #9 #10 #12 #14  #16
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